Elev8 Business Marketing is dedicated to transforming businesses into powerhouses.

We work with our clients and are passionate about enhancing their online presence. 

We thrive on setting you aside from the rest.  Let us Elev8 you.

Elev8 Business Marketing was founded out of a desire to learn all things digital and with a simple belief of transformation and growth.

We believe that digital transformation is the one defining business trend of the future.

To gain a competitive edge companies need to redefine what it means to grow exponentially.

With that comes a sense of freedom and security that is second to none.

Elev8 also believes that to have an online presence is to be active in constantly searching for new information and skills to be able to deliver our promise.

Elev8 Business Marketing
focuses on 4 core areas

Creative Design

Social Media

Elev8 Business Marketing is dedicated to help grow your business in a way that frees up your time so that you can enjoy and do the things you want to do. We love growth, freedom and are inspired by what you love to do"


Website Build

Elev8 Marketing has one simple promise and that is to take your business to the next level by creating your dreams and desires in the online space.

About Me

My name is Aggie.
I am single mum to a beautiful 9 year old boy. 
I started off sewing and dressmaking as a young girl and later on decided that I needed to learn something new. I wanted to be a sales rep and have a company car, phone etc paid for. It sounded like an ideal career and so I went on a journey of learning as much as possible about sales and about the products I was selling. No fun-I needed to grow a new brain!
Fast forward to a number of years later and I realised that I was growing someone else’s business with my 13 million dollar annual budgets. Crazy right! I always exceeded my budgets but I was growing bored and disinterested in the products but most importantly I thought to myself-Why am I making someone else money and not for myself?

I resigned! I then sat around for 3 months and trying to figure out a business that I could create for myself.

My questions were:
What skills do I have?
What could I sell?
What could I do with my skills?
I had so many questions but very few answers.

Follow your dreams, they know the way!

That was the pivotal point for me.

I desperately wanted a change. I desperately wanted to change for my son. This little guy that was starting to sound like his mum, a constant complaint about time. We both were!

I searched online for freedom, and searched and searched.
Then I met Mel from Lifestyle Industries who helped me bring my vision to life and the rest is history! I watched what she has created and wanted what she had and what she strived for.

I cannot wait to create a new future! A future that allows me to be free from working 24/7. A future that has me be joyous again. A future that allows me time with my son and do the things we both love to do. A future that is free from money constraints, a future where my fear has disappeared.


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